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List of Universities/programs not requiring GRE

Following is list of some Universities where GRE is not required for admission for International (or In-state) students. 
University of Dayton

Stevens Institute of Technology

George Mason University

Applied Information Technology (MS)

Civil & Infrastructure Engineering (MS)

Computer Forensics (MS) 
University of Washington

Civil Engineering (MS) 
University of Maryland

Engineering: Professional Master of Engineering (ENPM) 
Iowa State University

Chemical and Biological Engineering (ME)

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (ME)

Systems Engineering (ME) 
University of Minnesota

Civil Engineering (MS) 
South Dakota State University

Mechanical Engineering (MS)

Computer Science (MS) 
North Carolina State University

Landscape Architecture 
Tufts University

Engineering Management 
Brandeis University

Computer Science (MA/MS) 
New Mexico State University

Economics, Applied Statistics and International Business 
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Geographic Information Systems (MS)

Applied Sociology 
University of Arizona

Economic Geology 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Industrial and Management Systems Engineering 
University of Pittsburgh

Material Science & Engg. 
University of Michigan

InterPro-Integrated Microsystems 

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