The best common iOS apps for iPhone

Tiny Scanner: Speedtest: Firefox: Duolingo: Tinycards: PayPal: Xoom: PhotoMath: The Weather Channel: Accuweather: Credit Sesame: FreePrints: Health/Fitness Apps (6:14): Runtastic Results: MapMyRun: Lose It: AskMD: Sleep Cycle: Social Media Apps (8:31): Bitmoji: Facebook: Messenger: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: Match: Tinder: Clover: Reddit: LinkedIn: Skype: Travel Apps (11:12): Uber: Google Maps: Waze: Airbnb: Uber Eats: Yelp: Viator: Best Reward Apps (13:23): FreeMyApps – Earn iTunes & Amazon Gift Cards for Downloading Free Apps! Go to this exact URL in your Mobile Browser: iBotta – Earn Cash Back on Grocery Shopping Trips ($10 Bonus for Signing Up!) Go to this URL in your mobile Browser: Use Promo Code “ikew” when you sign up to earn a $10 Bonus after you redeem your first rebate! InboxDollars – Earn PayPal Cash & Gift Cards for Completing Surveys & Offers! Go to this URL in your mobile browser: Frequent Flyer: Panel App: Video & Book Apps (26:38): YouTube: Seeso: Netflix: ABC: Hulu: Amazon Video: Atom: Audible: Kindle: Music Apps (30:35): Spotify: Amazon Music: Pandora: iHeartRadio: Shazam: Shopping Apps (31:39): LetGo: Ebates – Earn Cash Back from Online Purchases ($10 Sign Up Bonus!) Go to this URL in your Browser: Spend $25 where you usually shop through Ebates to get your $10 Cash Bonus! Amazon: Retale: Groupon: Poshmark: Gilt: DealDash: Boxed: AlliExpress: All Google Apps Featured (38:04): News & Sports Apps (39:16): CNN: Fox News: NYTimes: ESPN: WatchESPN: TheScore: Thanks for watching & enjoy your new iPhone 7 Apps! More iPhone 7 & iOS 10 Videos

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What to eat? A healty meal everyday. 

Omega 3 fatty acid walnuts, almonds and ground flaxseeds. 

Eating oats and oat bran, fruits, beans, lentils, and vegetables .

Go fish 

Olive oil 

Chill out 

salmon, sardines, and herring

black tea

black, kidney, or pinto beans

Dark chocolate 

margarine with plant sterols


Olive oil -Use it to make your own salad dressings, marinate chicken and fish, or roast vegetables.












ডার্ক চকোলেটে 

তৈলাক্ত মাছ 

জায়ফল উইথ কফি 

সামুদ্রিক মাছ 

গরুর মাংস 



পালং শাক 





বাদাম ও বিভিন্ন বীজ 

কুমড়া বীজ 

সূর্যমুখী বীজ 

চীনা বাদাম 

পেস্তা বাদাম 

মিষ্টি আলু 


দুধের সর 


ক্যাশু বাদাম 


TOEFL, IELTS writing ; task 2 

Watch this full video. 

Russian scholarship for Bangladeshi students 

Info: ejugantor

How to get wifi password 

Watch this video on how to get wifi password 

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Root your android devices 

Do you wanna root your android phone and tablet? 

Just download this apk and install it. Easy process. You do not need a computer. 

Android rooting opens up a world of possibility, but it can also void your warranty. So be careful before doing it. 

List of Universities/programs not requiring GRE

September 24, 2016 Leave a comment

Following is list of some Universities where GRE is not required for admission for International (or In-state) students. 
University of Dayton

Stevens Institute of Technology

George Mason University

Applied Information Technology (MS)

Civil & Infrastructure Engineering (MS)

Computer Forensics (MS) 
University of Washington

Civil Engineering (MS) 
University of Maryland

Engineering: Professional Master of Engineering (ENPM) 
Iowa State University

Chemical and Biological Engineering (ME)

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (ME)

Systems Engineering (ME) 
University of Minnesota

Civil Engineering (MS) 
South Dakota State University

Mechanical Engineering (MS)

Computer Science (MS) 
North Carolina State University

Landscape Architecture 
Tufts University

Engineering Management 
Brandeis University

Computer Science (MA/MS) 
New Mexico State University

Economics, Applied Statistics and International Business 
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Geographic Information Systems (MS)

Applied Sociology 
University of Arizona

Economic Geology 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Industrial and Management Systems Engineering 
University of Pittsburgh

Material Science & Engg. 
University of Michigan

InterPro-Integrated Microsystems 

Link here 

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